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LastTissue Family Kit

Mød LastTissue Pack, Family Kit! En samling af vores genbrugelige og hygiejniske alternativ til engangslommetørklæder, så der er nok til hele familien - eller til deling mellem venner! De kommer i et hygiejnisk silikoneetui, som gør det muligt for dig at holde brugte og rene lommetørklæder adskilt ved hjælp af en lille skillevæg. Indeholder 4 sæt af 6 x genbrugelige lommetørklæder i 100% GOTS-certificeret økologisk bomuld samt 1 etui, så du let kan have dem med på farten. Sættet erstatter i alt 12.400 engangslommetørklæder - altså 3.100 pr. pakke.
Indeholder 4 stk. LastTissue Pack, der hver indeholder 6 genbrugelige servietter i 100% GOTS-certificeret økologisk bomuld.



Anette Lundskov E.


Fungerer helt klart bedre end forventer

Charlotte S.



Item type:Pack / Peach

Janis G.


Jeg elsker jeres Last Tissue, det har hjulpet mig med at slippe af med så mange papirlommetørklæder, som tilstopper min taske. De er bløde og gode mod min sensitive hud, især min næse.

Vaida V.


Jeg elsker det! De er virkelig effektive.

Michele F.


Jeg elsker dette produkt! Jeg holder pakken i min bil og smider dem i vasken, når de alle er brugt.

Alan W.


Disse er praktiske som en rejseoption til håndbagage samt til at have i din bil til nødsituationer. Kvaliteten virker ret god, og opbevaringsæsken ser ud til at være en effektiv design til at adskille gamle fra nye. Materialekvaliteten virker også solid.

Tomas G.


Jeg snotter næsen meget ofte, og jeg prøver altid at købe genbrugelige væv, men at finde denne løsning er endnu bedre. Opbevaringsrummet til de beskidte lommetørklæder gør det nemt at bruge dem på farten. De er bløde og behagelige mod næsen og ret absorberende, nemme at rengøre og i en fin farve også.

Janis G.


I love your Last Tissue and it has helped me do away with do many paper tissues that clog my purse. They are soft and very good on my sensitive skin especially my nose.

Anastasiia K.


Super god oplevelse. Nemt at bruge og rengøre. Føles faktisk renere end tørklæder og der er ingen huller fra at blæse for hårdt, haha.

Karin W.


Jeg er meget tilfreds med disse lommetørklæder. De er perfekte i størrelsen, meget blødere end forventet, krøller ikke efter maskinvask og er nemme at bruge. Silikoneetuiet er en praktisk størrelse til tasken. Kan klart anbefales.

Amanda C.


Dette drejer sig om de engangs-ansigtsservietter. De er stivere end forventet, men eksfolierer godt. Det eneste, jeg ikke er 5-stjerners begejstret for, er dispenseren. Da tissuesne er så stive, er det akavet og tidskrævende (talende sekunder, ikke minutter), men stadig ikke nemt at hente fra dispenseren. Udover det, meget tilfredsstillende.

Michele F.


I love this product! I keep the pack in my car and toss them in the wash when they are all used

Alan W.


These are handy as a travel option for carryon items as well as for just leaving in your vehicle for an emergency situation. The quality seems pretty good and the storage box looks to be an efficient design for separating old from new. The overall material seems to be solid as well.

Stefanie L.


Es ist praktisch und lässt sich gut nutzen. Das Zusammenlegen und wieder reinbekommen ist etwas aufwendiger. Bügeln hilft damit es „schöne“ aussieht.

Marion F.


I’d read reviews that said the material wasn’t very soft, and counters that said it would improve with washing. I’m afraid they don’t seem to be any softer. Furthermore, they aren’t very big, the creases from being in the holder don’t drop out, and they aren’t very absorbent. I’m hanging on in there for the sake of the environment but I’m not enjoying the experience.

Chrissie K.


The material is a really nice quality, and it makes me almost not want to use them. I like the design of the silicone case.

Dora G.


The material is a bit rough, but overall great to use.

Keely W.


Well made, easy to clean, the tissues stay nice and flat after washing so they are easy to fold.

Sarah S.


Last tissue does exactly as it promises. Everything is very high quality and nice. I do wish the material of the hankies was slightly more absorbent, but I get bad hay fever so it should be fine for a normal person. It’s great to have in the purse! Being able to store used and unused separately with the spacer is great.

Vaida V.


Love it! Nice, effective.

Grace A.


I was going to carry these to work in my backpack, but this years pollen is so bad the small pack doesn’t work for me. I’ll have to check out your box for use at home. No complaints about the product, and I like the concept

Tomas G.


I blow my nose very frequently, and try to buy recycled tissues, finding this solution is even better, the dirty storage compartment makes using them on the go no problem. They're soft and comfortable on your nose and quite absorbent, easy to clean and a nice color too.



Omg these Last Tissues are AMAZING!! I have rhinitis that no one has been able to figure out, I am constantly blowing my nose and for years haven't left the house without tissues in hand. I can go through multiple tissues a day and boxes of tissues every month. So I was skeptical that these cloth reusable tissues would do the job. But I was also curious, and I'm so glad!! I've been using these for about a month now and they have seriously cut down on my disposable tissue use by 95%, no exaggeration. I can usually get away with using one a day, they dry quickly making them easy to reuse. Of course if I was sick with an acute infection I'd need more a day. The only challenge has been in figuring out the best way of getting them clean. So far what works best for me is in the evening I rinse out the one I used that day and once dry throw it into my laundry basket to go into the regular wash. If I don't pre-rinse some end up still having remnants of snot on them after coming out of the wash and I end up rinsing them after the wash. I hang dry them and they dry quickly. I also love the convenience of the small travel case. I look forward to getting a large box so I can go longer between washes. These are certainly an investment but in addition to helping the environment, they will last a long time AND save me money in the long run. Thanks LastObject!!

Louise S.


Really nice material! My daughter uses them for her sensitive nose and there are no issues!

Lyam P.


These items are all fantastic, thank you!

Sheila Kendall


I love the idea and the design of the package to be able to store the used tissues in the same case with the barrier. The tissue itself is very stiff and the seam around the tissue is uncomfortable and scratchy. I am hoping that continued washing will soften them up, but the seam needs to be thought out.



Love LastTissue and that I'm no longer generating literal wastebaskets full of tissue. I would recommend getting a couple refills so that you don't have to do laundry sooner than you'd like just for tissues. I do have to run some of them through the wash a couple times, but I just put them in with next pile of laundry. Apparently mucous can be a tough adversary for laundry machines. My main wish is for slimmer cases. I've joined the fanny pack as an everyday bag bandwagon and the case is pretty thick, meaning fitting my phone, wallet, and maybe a snack bar in my fanny pack can be pretty difficult. So I hope a skinner and slightly longer version gets made! A trade in program for the this case one would be even more amazing.

Wendy J.


I'm very excited to bring the "hankie" back. Everyone asks me, when they see me bust one out. They're much softer after the first wash, but I'd love it if they were even softer to begin with. I'm very happy with my purchase, and will definitely never go back to tissues.

Clarinda M.


I love the design of the box and its ingenious germ barrier. The “tissues” themselves are a little harsh for my sensitive nose, and I need many of them at once sometimes to actually be effective, so I ordered supplementary versions. They do work for containing fluids, but the texture is a bit harsh—I’m imagining they’ll soften over time.

Rae L.


I like the size. I don't use the container. I wish they were softer.

Martha B.


I am trying to do my best for Mother Earth, and eliminating extra waste from the world seems like a good effort to make. So far I love my travel Last Tissue set. The tissues can double as picnic napkins! Making the world a better place one washable tissue at a time!

Ruth R.


Cloth hankies are perfect size, much softer than anticipated, non wrinkly when machine washed and dried, and easy to use. Silicone case is a convenient size for purse. Would recommend.

Alice B.


I love it. The only issue I have is that I run out too fast and don’t end up washing them so go back to tissues, yes I can buy more…but ££



Easy to use and well made



Easy to pack, have available on a short trip.

Charlene L.


Get them. They are so convenient especially now during allergy season. Sometimes I use them when I don’t really need to.



I really like LastTissue; it’s easy to throw in my bag and know I have tissues in case I need them, and because there are many in the pack and the clean ones are deprecated from the dirty ones, I can lend them to others to use too. However, I had a cold and runny nose for days on end the other week, and my red, chapped nose was too sensitive for these tissues; I switched back to softer Kleenex until I felt better. The tissues have a texture closer to cloth handkerchiefs than soft, disposable tissues. But I still think they are worth buying, and I love that they are reusable.



These tissues are great! I go through so many tissues in the winter and with these I've been able to cut way down. They are a little stiff to begin with but soften up after a few washes.

Richerd E.


Not only does it make me feel morally better everytime i reach for my Last Object, but it makes me proud that by using something so small is making a change, not to mention how high in quality and great portability it has. I love it

Luana K.


Love doing good for the environment! Cotton is soft, containers are convenient to have them handy everywhere, car, purse, diaper bag, etc. Wash easily.